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I want to talk about a powerful emotion that has the potential to change lives and shape our world for the 更好的: gratitude. Gratitude is a simple yet profound feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for the blessings, 善良, 以及我们在生活中遇到的机遇. It is an attitude that can bring happiness, contentment and a sense of fulfillment. 
我并不总是那么乐观, 我经常想要更多, 更好的, 快, 在一天结束的时候,什么经常让我感到不满足. 说实话,我可能一直看错了. 是的,事情并不总是如我所愿. And I used to feel so much anger and resentment because all I could focus on was everything I didn’t get, 我想象中的完美画面中缺失的一切. 更好的成绩. 更多的冰冻时间. 漂亮的衣服. 得分表上较高的位置. I was so focused on what was missing that I could barely see what I had been blessed with: 健康, 首页, 家庭, friends and everything else that is not essential but that is adding value to my life. 
去年,我失去了我的奶奶. 一切都发生得很快. 她突然病得很重,不到一年,她就走了. One thing that has impressed me is that no matter what hell she was going through when she was sick, 我从来没有听她抱怨过这件事. 这让我意识到我的观点可能是错误的. That life was good, regardless of my grades or the number of points that I had. I realized that being 健康y and having a loving and supportive 家庭 as well as a handful of significant friendships are what matter the most, 尤其是当你的生活被悲惨事件搅得天翻地覆的时候, 比如生病和失去亲人. I realized that if I saw what was actually in my picture instead of focusing on what was missing from it, 我的生活还是一样的, 但我会觉得更开心. 自从我奶奶去世后, I have included in my bedtime routine a moment to be grateful about things that are going well in my life.
当我们练习感恩时,它会产生连锁反应. 它不仅有利于我们自己的幸福和快乐, 但它也延伸到我们周围的人. 感恩以一种积极的方式影响我们的态度, 反过来又有力量去鼓舞我们周围的人. 感恩也能帮助我们超越眼前的环境, 当我们学会专注于更深更大的祝福. When we stop wasting energy on complaining about what we are not satisfied about, 相反,努力找出给我们带来幸福的东西, we are left with so much more energy that it gives us strength to overcome obstacles and find silver linings in darker situations.

I encourage my fellow students to take a moment to reflect on the abundance of blessings that surround us. 让我们对我们所获得的机会表示感谢, 感谢隐藏在失败背后的教训和伪装的祝福, 也感谢那些无条件地支持和爱我们的人.
有一件事是肯定的:明天并没有得到保证. 事实上,我现在才意识到四年时间过得真快. 我第一次踏进校园就像昨天一样. 回来 then, I was an angry kid, and to me, gratitude was only a word that Mrs. 卡拉瑟斯会在家庭午餐前说. Now, with only a few days left as a student here, I understand how fortunate I am to have been here. 我接受了良好的教育, 我有幸拥有一生的友谊, 即使遇到了更困难的情况, 我知道时间和反思最终会帮我找到一线希望.  
I would like to express gratitude to those who have supported me for the past four years here in Stanstead: my parents, 我的兄弟姐妹, 格洛丽亚, 我的男孩, 我的教练, 我的老师们, 我的房屋主管, Mr. 谢谢你做了我的第二个爸爸和最好的顾问. 斯派克和夫人. Garrett for seeing the good in me before everyone else, the TODs (shoutout to Ms. Guerrera), and everyone else who has made my journey here an incredible one.

难道我们永远不要把我们被赋予的生命视为理所当然吗, 愿我们总能找到感恩的理由.